“I’m so glad I splurged on this. It was the anniversary crate, and my first one. It was wonderful. After a small mishap with my package going missing the Ladies at Litjoy went above and beyond to get my a replacement. Luckily my original showed up before they sent it out. Great customer service! Loved everything they curated for the box!”

- Tiffany S.

“The best freakin’ box I’ve ever received!!”

- Linda P

“The middle grade crate was perfect! I got one for my boys, ages 12 & 10, and they loved it! We are all very excited to receive the next one!”

- Mindy G.

“Honestly I am floored by every LitJoy box! Each time I am amazed- I wouldn’t change a thing!”

- Anna Z.

“I loved everything. The book selected, the accompaniments. I can’t wait for my next box to arrive. Loved that the box meets the theme.”

- Louisa W.

“I loved all of it. I was wowed by my first Crate. I use the perfume daily, and the coloring book is a great way for us all to color together, during church or on a lazy weekend. The kids have started using my playing cards. I squealed when I opened everything, and I can’t wait for more crates. I’m even considering cancelling my Book of the Month subscription so I can do more months of LitJoy. I got more joy from that Crate arriving than I do my monthly BOTM books. They’re only books, no extra items, and I don’t even read all of the books. So well done! I love love love this subscription.”

- Sally B.

“Absolutely adored this box! My favorite thing about is -as always- the amount of thought that goes into each and every item. I especially love the perfume, it smells gorgeous and I can’t wait to read this book!”

- Rachel G.

“I always do a little happy dance at the post office when I pick up my box! I love books and there is always a book in the box I would pick up at the store. All of the other stuff is cool and amazing!”

- Megan L.

“I have to tell you. My granddaughter has autism. She’s a genius and has a photographic memory. Each month, she eagerly awaits her book box and sends me a pic of all it contains. I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful idea. She reads voraciously and you’ve never sent a book she’s already read. She loves it.”

- Mary B.

“Great choices, high quality, great variety of mass-produced & handmade items. Everything is super special!!”

- Hallie B.

“Your crates are the best subscription book boxes I have ever received.”

- Kelly R.

“I received my Wonder Woman litjoy crate yesterday (which was my first order with you guys) and I just wanted to say that I loved it so much! You guys were so spot on with every item that was in the box that I can’t pick a favorite! I loved the Crate and your customer service so much!”

- Samantha K.

“I just wanted to send you guys a huge thank you. I am a 4th grade reading and writing teacher and I haven’t found time for myself since before college. I bought the Chosen One past crate and it has helped me kind of just enjoy reading time again. I’ve always been an avid reader but with my career now it’s been so difficult to make time for myself so thank you! I’m very happy to sub to such a quality subscription crate! Thank you so much! Your customer service is also awesome! So keep rocking it!”

- Jami M.

“I loved the book selection and the gifts were all great quality. I love the hints that are given also throughout the month! After trying a one-time box, I went ahead and got a subscription. :)”

- Amy G.

“I absolutely love everything about this box! Receiving pins and bookmarks to collect makes it so that the box contents live on in my home. It is so enjoyable to open this box every month! Thank you!”

- Sandra U.

“Just keep doing what you’re doing! This box is my new favorite.”

- Tara H.

“It was perfect!”

- Celeste W.

“All the extra little things that made the books come to life!!”

- Heather C.

“LitJoy crate was worth every cent. And than some…100% worth it! All in all, this was an amazing box and I will definitely be ordering from LitJoy again. LitJoy crate had an amazing box! Everything was of great quality and absolutely stunning!”

- Anne S.

“Wow! I truly can’t think of anything you could do to improve. It was a wonderful package of goodies. I could tell that lots of thought and care went into it and it was an absolute delight to receive. Thank you so much.”

- Deanna B.

“I love the products, the theme, everything. It is worth the money and so much more. This is my first subscription book box. I love it.”

- Jennifer M.

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