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Harry Potter's Year Two at Hogwarts! This Magical Edition Crate will take you into the Forbidden Forest, Dumbledore's office, and perhaps even the Chamber of Secrets! You'll find items inspired by the friendly and not-so-friendly characters and creatures introduced in the second year. Every item in this crate was carefully curated by LitJoy Crate. We worked with nine shops, three artists, and even created two items of our own to share the adventures of second year with you. Think disgusting potions and well-meaning servants, handsome professors and sensitive ghosts! Nearly every item in this crate is exclusive to the Magical Edition Crate. Don't expect to find these items anywhere else... not even Diagon Alley!! This crate DOES NOT include a novel. / / Crate Value: $120.00. - All Magical Edition Crates ship June 12th - 15th.

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