LitJoy Rewards Program: Meet the Dragons!

LitJoy’s Rewards Program has a new look AND a new rewards level! Read on to meet the LitJoy Dragons and learn everything you need to know about LitJoy’s enhanced Rewards Program. 
Rewards Dragons Levels 1-4


How do LitJoy Rewards work?

  1. Sign Up: Create an account at
  2. Earn Points: Earn points when you spend & redeem points for coupons.
  3. Redeem Points: the more you spend, the more money you get back!
How LitJoy Rewards Work, Sign Up, Earn Points, and Redeem Points


LitJoy Rewards Levels

Levels 1-3 will remain the same as the previous rewards program. Achieve new levels when you spend more! Once you reach Level 1, 2, or 3, you get to keep your level for as long as you are a customer!

Level 1 Bronze Dragon

Level 1: Bronze Dragon

  • Lifetime spend of $30+
  • 1x Points Multiplier for Every $1 Spent
  • $10 Off (100 reward points added to your account)
Level 2 Silver Dragon

Level 2: Silver Dragon

  • Lifetime spend of $200+
  • 1.25x Multiplier for Every $1 Spent
  • $15 Off (150 reward points added to your account)
  • $10 Shop Coupon
Level 3 Gold Dragon

Level 3: Gold Dragon

  • Lifetime spend of $500
  • 1.5x Points Multiplier for Every $1 Spent
  • $20 off (200 points added to your account)
  • $15 Shop Coupon
How Rewards Members Move Through Levels 1 Through 3.


Level 4 Diamond Dragon

And now introducing our new rewards level… Level 4: The Diamond Dragon

Rewards members with a lifetime spend of $1,200+ will achieve Diamond Dragon status. This also includes:

  • 2x Points Multiplier
  • 250 rewards points added to your account
  • $30 Shop coupon. 

Unlike Levels 1-3, our new Level 4 requires an annual spend of $600+ to maintain Diamond Dragon status. Retaining Diamond Dragon Status includes:

  • 2x Point Multiplier
  • Annual Retention Gift (Annual Retention Gift Announcement coming soon!)
    How to attain and maintain Level 4 status

    If the annual spend amount is not met within a year of attaining Diamond Dragon status, Level 4 Rewards members will move back to Level 3. But fret not! There is always a chance to regain Diamond Dragon status! 

    Annual spending will be monitored while on Level 3. If annual spending reaches $600+ again, the Rewards Member will re-enter Level 4 and achieve Diamond Status again! Re-entry into Level 4 includes:

    • 2x Point Multiplier

    Recap of how the rewards program works at LitJoy


    Check your account to view your rewards status, and check your email if you've reached Diamond Dragon status!