LitJoy's Adventure Cards


Introducing our NEW Collectibles for 2022:

Adventure Cards! 

We know you are dying to know more, so here are all the details:

  • Each Adventure Card in this series will feature 1.) characters, 2.) locations, or 3.) artifacts from a literary world!
  • Some Adventure Cards will come FREE in LitJoy Main Products (Magical Crates, Young Adult Crates, Classic Books, Special Edition Books)
  • Adventure Cards may also appear as Add-Ons
  • Cards are tarot-card-sized (2.75 inches by 4.75 inches or 6.4 cm by 12 cm) to better feature the incredible artwork!
  • BONUS! Some cards will have special features such as metallic foiling, lenticular action, or a shimmer effect!
  • These beautiful cards are perfect to display. You are going to want to collect them all!


We are so pleased to announce that all the artwork on these cards will be done by @sophia_volovik! Sophia is a freelance illustrator and animation student from Israel. Check out some of her artwork for these collectibles!