Magic Awakens Book Box Subscription Crate

Announcing LitJoy's May YA crate theme:

Magic Awakens Book Box Subscription from LitJoy Crate. Woman holding blue fire and human man holding orange fire staring at each other as they display their magic.

Break the tethers that bind you and accept the magic you have within! The line between what is forbidden and what is right will blur as you go on a journey of sibling rivalry, intoxicating romance, powerful witches, and court intrigue. This May, let go of the life you once knew and become part of the magic!

The Full Crate includes:

LitJoy Special Edition New Release Book with customizations:

  • Gilded edges!!!
  • Signed by the author
  • Tip-in artwork by @fernandamaya
  • Original reversible dust jacket art by @fernandamaya
  • LitJoy-Exclusive end pages!
  • Case wrap design on the naked book
  • Author letter printed in the book
  • 3-5 Unique Bookish Items all based on that month's theme



Our Spring YA Book will take you on two different journeys so epic you'll have a hard time deciding which one you like more! Navigate through a forest of trees filled with the memories of witches past. Or step into someone else's life in a beautiful palace where your magic must be kept a secret at all costs. One thing is for certain—when your paths unite and powers combine, a magic will awaken that no one saw coming!


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