We Have a New Look & New Updates!

Adventure can happen in many ways.

Sometimes, it’s through the pages of a book. The swish of pages as they’re turned; the smell of paper and magic.

Maybe it’s through a movie, with light and sound and color.

For some, adventure begins with an audiobook and is brought to life by our own imaginations.

All that matters is that, for a short while (or perhaps a longer while, on a weekend), we can step into another world and go on an enchanting adventure . . .

Welcome to a New Adventure with LitJoy!

In 2016 LitJoy launched as a little book box subscription company. With your incredible support we now offer hundreds of products and many beautiful collections. We are excited to tell you that we have even more product and collection plans in the works! New growth and changes are at the heart of any adventure!

Our newest adventure? We outgrew our old website and have been working hard on a new one that will allow us to grow even more! As you go exploring our new website you’ll notice a vibrant new look and brand new features to make your shopping experience even better. In the next few months you’ll notice a new customer portal, designed for the protagonist of your story . . . you!

  • Have one cohesive home brand for all our different projects to live under (Think Magical, Classics, Special Editions, Young Adult, and Lunacorns!)
  • Give you a better experience and help you feel at home in our new customer portal!
  • Load faster on all your devices.
  • Be more accessible to customers of all different abilities.
  • Make it easier to find and purchase the products you want.
  • Make it easier to find the information you need to make purchasing decisions.

More Than a New Website…

Meet Willow. Like you, Willow is an adventurer. Armed with her sweet kicks and her companions Smith the vulpine and Meep the owl, she travels to and through worlds as easily as you do, whether it’s to the wild highlands of Scotland with Jamie and Claire or down the rabbit hole with Alice. She’ll be with us to explore each month’s new world, sometimes with Smith and Meep in tow and sometimes with other new friends.

Updates and Policy Changes

We’ve spent much of this year evaluating our products and programs with the help of focus groups, Lunacorns’ input, and numerous partners. Our goal is to use all resources at our disposal in serving the LitJoy community and delivering an outstanding experience to our customers. Our new website allows us to offer many more features that will roll out over the coming months.

Here are some changes going into effect as of Aug 9, 2021:
  • We are now offering a 6-Month Lunacorns Membership! For $60 you get 6 months of Lunacorns membership and 600 Rewards Points straight to your account!
  • Our “Vote to Restock” feature is going away and will be replaced. We have plans to offer a more intuitive way for customers to inform us of products you want restocked. This will allow us to de-clutter past products and offer a clearer process to customers. More info coming soon!
  • The Rewards program will no longer take the cost of Shipping and Taxes into account. These two expenses have largely been beyond our control and we know that they can be frustrating to customers. While we continue our pursuit to find and negotiate the most affordable and reliable shipping arrangements, money spent on shipping and taxes will no longer be taken into account when issuing Rewards Points.
  • We STILL offer Reward Points for Product Reviews! We have had to take this down from our Rewards Page because the program is more nuanced than it appears and led to a lot of confusion. If you make a purchase on our site, and IF our system requests you to review that product, you will earn 10 points for every review. We do not offer rewards for reviews that our system did not request. Our system does not request reviews of every product.
  • The VIP Rewards Tiers Silvercorn and Unicorn no longer include free trials of a Lunacorns Membership. As it turns out, the majority of Silvercorn and Unicorn shoppers prefer to become a Lunacorn with the Reward Point attached. Any customer who earned their Silvercorn or Unicorn reward tier prior to Aug 9, 2021 may still claim their free trial. Please contact help@litjoycrate.com for any questions.