The Love Curse of Melody Mclntyre

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Enjoy your own LitJoy-Exclusive Special Edition copy of The Love Curse of Melody McIntyre!

Book Summary:

Oh, forbidden love. It is a story as old as time and told fresh in our December title! When our protagonist is tasked to do what she does best—lead—she’s determined to stay focused. But love (as love always does) has other plans. In a tale of LGBTQ+ romance, the odds are against love—can they be overcome? This romantic and dramatic tale of love is to perfect fun holiday read!

LitJoy Customizations:
  • REVERSIBLE DUST JACKET art by @rahanabanana
  • TIP-IN art by @rahanabanana
 Included separate from the book
  • An author letter
  • Two Dune photo strips from the LitJoy Photo Strip Collection

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