Galaxy Guardians Crate

What do a forgotten secret message, an extraterrestrial lineage, and the discovery of a lifetime have in common? Our Galaxy Guardians Crate YA book crate, that's what! Our protagonist in Ashfall Legacy may think he knows what his boring life on earth will look like until he makes a discovery that changes everything. He must look to the stars and beyond for answers, but if he ventures too far, he might just jeopardize life in the universe as we know it! Fasten your harness, this spaceship is taking off on an epic mission!

Ashfall Legacy by Pittacus Lore Customizations:

  • Sprayed/Stained Edges
  • Signed by Pittacus Lore!
  • Tip-in artwork
  • Original reversible dust jacket
  • Exclusive End Pages
  • NEW!!! Case wrap design on the naked book (under our reversible dust jacket)

Included separately from the book:

  • Exclusive letter from the author to LitJoy readers, with beautiful artwork on the back

Items Included:

  • Enamel pin inspired by Aurora Rising
  • Headband inspired by Illuminae
  • This is the Way socks
  • Awesome Mix Tape Zipper Pouch
  • Communication Badge Sticker
  • Photostrip inspired by Cesarine from Serpent and Dove