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Rise of a Queen Crate

This Winter, join us as we shatter the world you once knew and travel to kingdoms of clashing empires, forgotten royalty, and heroes whose gifts are suppressed. This crate will celebrate queens who rise and the tools they use to conquer, whether it be a golden sword, a mirror, a fancy dress, or a phoenix. This crate will fulfill all your peasant-to-royalty and star-crossed-lover dreams!

This product is perfect for readers aged 14 and up!

The Full Crate includes:

  • LitJoy Special Edition Book Customizations:

    • Sprayed/Stained Edges!!!
    • Signed by the Author
    • Tip-in Artwork by @fernandamaya
    • Original Reversible Dust Jacket art by @fernandamaya
    • LitJoy-Exclusive End Pages!
    • Case Wrap Design on the naked book
    • Author letter will be printed in the book


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