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CANDLE - Skele-Gro

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Warning! Do not eat this candle! For Skele-Gro is known for its dreadful taste. A helpful potion that restores and mends bones, Skele-Gro smokes as it is opened (just like a candle πŸ˜‰) and burns as it goes down your throat. Though this candle will not regrow your bones it will make a beautiful additions to your LitJoy Apothecary Candle collection as candle #9!

  • This candle comes in a LARGE glass skull jar with white wax and is sealed with a cork lid.
  • Inside you will find bewitched bone confetti! You'll notice the custom Skele-Gro hang tag with dosage instructions for wizard care.
  • Look even closer to admire the small metal skeleton charm hanging from the cork! This skeleton embellishment that can be worn as a necklace!
  • This candle is scented like Absinthe & Sea Salt
  • It measures a whopping 15.2 ounces and is large enough to have two wicks.
  • Candle artist @sayanythingstudio created these amazing candles!