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CRATE- Ancient Alchemy


This Crate will ship October 20th-25th

For our October title, we worked with the wonderful independent artist @alicemariapower to create a reversible dust jacket! Alice portrays a scene from our October title with lovely color and expression. It feels like home—cozy, vibrant, and of course, there's a touch of alchemy!

Book Customizations:
REVERSIBLE DUST JACKET with art by @alicemariapower, SIGNED by the author, and included separately an author letter with an art print on the back.
Fandoms included:
  • A Discovery of Witches
  • The Infernal Devices
  • The Alchemyst
  • His Dark Materials


About the book

When our protagonist finally creates the impossible—the legendary Philosopher’s Stone—it seems like her dream to become an accomplished alchemist may come true! But in a wicked twist of fate, the stone and her family are ripped from her grasp. This October, join us as we seek answers to the most ancient alchemical questions, risk our lives for the ones we love, and perhaps find love along the way!


About the theme

Presenting the October YA theme: 🌙ANCIENT ALCHEMY👁! Whether you’re a witch, a Grisha, a warlock, or a traditionally-trained alchemist—the powers of alchemy are at your fingertips with our October products! Enter the Oxford library with Diana Bishop to call upon an ancient alchemical text. Discover the key to eternal youth with the Philosopher's Stone. Perhaps the secret to alchemical power will warp us into a monster like many Grisha or we may find ourselves relentlessly searching for the mysterious Alethiometer. Wherever our journey into the world of ancient alchemy takes us, we can promise you it will be unforgettable!