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NECKLACE - Hot Air Balloon

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The balloon began, slowly, to twirl. A tinkling music poured out of it. As the balloon spun, the stars on it shimmered.”

“One moment one is on the ground, and the next moment, the faces or your friends become tiny white stones. Trees shrink down to handfuls of herbs, ponds and fountains to puddles, even the Seine becomes a trickle of water. The higher one goes, the flatter things become. I’d never experienced anything like it.”

Camille was dealt a difficult hand in life. So when she meets a young balloonist, he shows her the magic of flying and ignites hope in her! This moment in the book, so beautifully written, just had to be represented in this crate somehow! We love how these hot air balloon necklaces turned out and wish they bring you hope when you wear them!