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Macaron Keychain

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“And then there was the food. She heard Papa’s voice in her ear: See how the aristos waste good food, leaving it for rats to gorge on . . . Nobles Feast While Our Children Starve. Not this child, she thought ruefully, not when these riches were laid out before her. Kneeling over the coverlet, she snatched up a half-eaten pastry and stuffed it into her mouth . . . Next she gulped down a handful of strawberries, then a herbed chicken leg . . . The wineglass had a smear of lip paint on it but she was thirsty and did not care . . .”

Enchantée is a delicious treat of a read, but it also beautifully illustrates the indulgences Camille experiences at Versailles. For an impoverished imposter, the towers of treats and feasts were like a miracle and a stark contrast to the way most French were living. Indeed, The Court was indulgent and no expense was spared. We wanted to represent that historical excess with this delicious Macaron Keychain! Isn’t it fabulous?!