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PASSPORT - Booklet for 2021


Welcome to the LitJoy 2021 travel itinerary! Don't forget to add your FREE Passport Booklet to your next order!

What is this LitJoy Passport Booklet? It is your way to travel this 2021 with LitJoy!

  • Fill out your reader profile in the front of your booklet
  • Each month is featured on a two-page spread with beautiful artwork and a place for stickers
  • Collect stickers to add to your passport booklet!
  • Stickers AUTOMATICALLY come with:
    • Magical Subscription Crates
    • Young Adult Crates
    • New Release Classic Books
    • The Rosie Thorns Add-On Collection
    • The Brio & Brandish Pin Add-On Collection
    • The Classics Cameo Pin Collection
    • The Magical Key Collection!
  • Note, stickers are automatically added to your package when you order these products
  • Get bonus stickers by becoming a Lunacorn, or leveling up in our Rewards Program! (again, our system will automatically add these to your next order once you achieve these bonus stickers)


Note: If you add the Passport Booklet to your cart WITHOUT any other items, you will need to pay for shipping.

2021 products are subject to change.

All artwork for this beautiful booklet was created by Kelly Chong of @afterblossom_art.