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BOX - Advanced Potions Making Book with Felix Felicis

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A keen eye is required when reading scribbles in the margins of the Half Blood Prince’s copy of Advanced Potion-Making. And you’ll want to pay attention to all those notes to impress Slughorn! In fact, you may just brew the potion necessary to earn yourself the golden reward inside . . . a vial of “Liquid Luck” is just what you need to experience your luckiest day yet!

This beautiful replica includes: 1) an Advanced Potion-Making Storage Book Box, 2) a Glass Felix Felicis Replica, and 3) a Gold Potions Stand! More details about this product:

Potion-making storage box art by Holly Dunn of @hollydunndesign (part of a Holly Dunn + LitJoy Magical collection)
Replica is perfect for displaying on your bookshelves
LitJoy-exclusive item!
Felix fits inside the potion-making storage box for safe storage