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CANDLE - Acromantula Venom



Collect this rare and valuable Acromantula Venom candle, #8 in the LitJoy Apothecary Collection!

Into the Forbidden Forest we go, to collect the extremely valuable Acromantula Venom (candle)! But we must be swift—The key window to collect Acromantula Venom is just after death and before the venom dries up. It's no wonder it's a rarity in a wizard's apothecary cupboard! 

  • 5.1-ounce candle
  • Comes in a frosted glass votive, with a bamboo lid that is finished in resin design—reminiscent of an Acromantula!
  • The scent is Palo Santo patchouli
  • Candle artist @sayanythingstudio created these amazing candles! Each resin top was hand crafted by Amanda and each has its own unique design!