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CANDLE - Giant Squid Ink



This Giant Squid Ink Candle is #11 in the LitJoy Apothecary Candle Collection!

The Giant Squid is a magical beast that can be found living in the Great Lake. Despite the generalized fear of it and a Chocolate Frog Card describing it as "the bane" of students, the Giant Squid was actually semi-domesticated. It is strongly suspected Giant Squids have magical powers, but they remain mysterious to the world of humans!

  • This candle comes in a 3.75 oz clear inkpot-shaped jar and a vintage apothecary label, and black wax.
  • The scent is Toasted Pumpkin Spice.
  • Comes with a squid ink charm!
  • Candle artist @sayanythingstudio created this "INKCREDIBLE" candle!