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CANDLE - Mandrake Root



While the cry of a Mandrake, also known as Mandragora, is known to be fatal to any person who hears it, these Mandrake Terracotta Mini Pot candles are as harmless as a candle comes! Mandrakes are known to have medicinal properties and are most certainly magical.

  • To use this Mandrake candle, first remove the Seed Paper dust cover, then light this delicious candle and inhale scents of Cactus and Jade!
  • HERBOLOGY NOTICE: do not forget to plan your seed paper in the terracotta pot once the candle is finished burning! It is imperative to receiving top marks in your Herbology class.
  • This candle is 3 ounces of pure magical wax, crafted by professor @sayanythingstudio.
  • Candle #7 in the LitJoy Apothecary Candle Collection