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CANDLE - Polyjuice Potion



This Polyjuice Potion Candle is #12 in the LitJoy Apothecary Candle Collection!

We all know that Polyjuice Potion is only to be brewed by the most skilled witches and wizards. And even if the effects of the potion are temporary (only lasting between 10 minutes and 12 hours), the idea of being able to change yourself into another person is very tempting! All you need is a part of the person's body that you desire to become—whether toenail, dandruff, hair, or other—and before you know it, not even your mother would recognize you!

  • This vintage milk glass holds 3.5 oz of neon green wax and cork lid with black cauldron wax seal sets it apart as a candle you'll love to display!
  • Scent is grass, pine, basil, sage, and mint.
  • Made by @sayanthingstudio.