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ENAMEL PIN - Pemberley



Collect LitJoy’s 2020 Enamel Pin Collection, theme Literary Locations!

Pin #6 features Pemberley, inspired by Pride and Prejudice.

The Master of Pemberley, Mister Darcy, is away for the summer and we invite you to join us on a tour of his estate! Join us deep in the stunning countryside of Derbyshire as we tour the Pemberley Estate in all its glory with Pin #6 in the LitJoy Literary Locations pin collection! Crafted from gold metal and colored hard enamel, use this "stamp" pin to mail a letter back home to your anxious mother, adoring father, and four sisters!

  • A LitJoy-exclusive collection!
  • Collect all 12 Literary Location pins this 2020 and our Package Pin Banner! Also, an Add-On!
  • Artwork for this pin was created by the talented @brioandbrandish.