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KEY - Collectible # 3 - Burrow



Welcome home to The Burrow! With this house key, you’re a trusted visitor to the Weasley family home. Each Key in the Alohomora collection comes in a beautiful box and includes special Litjoy-exclusive designs. 

Molly’s delicious cooking and cozy knits, the Ford Anglia in the garage, and even the ghoul upstairs make this one of our favorite places to return to. It’s not much, but it’s home!

  • A LitJoy-Exclusive Collectible
  • Comes packaged in its own box.
  • The key is 4-inches tall.
  • Comes with a key, Ford Anglia faux-leather keychain, and Burrow hard-enamel sign.
  • Comes we a 2021 Passport Stamp Sticker!