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When you seem lost, let the Patronus guide you to the thing you seek . . . the LitJoy-Exclusive Patronus Trading Card! From now through September 9, LitJoy Crate is hosting a game where YOU can #FollowThePatronus to the collectible and limited 👉SILVER FOILED TRADING CARD!👈

You may know all about the LitJoy Trading Card collection. This deck comes with 54 cards total, and one of these cards you’ll want to keep an eye on! . . . The SILVER PATRONUS TRADING CARD!. 

How do you Follow the Patronus? By simply reposting an image on social media with the tag: #FollowThePatronus. You will receive the silver-foiled PATRONUS CARD for FREE as an Add-On to your Year 7.1 Magical Edition Crate purchase. That’s right . . . FREE!.⚡️ 

Here’s how you can #FollowThePatronus: 

1. Create a post on social media to share the excitement of the Year 7.1 Magical Edition Crate! (You can post to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter [or all three])! 

2. Use any of the images below in your post!

3. Make sure to use these tags: #FollowThePatronus #LitJoyMagicalEdition and #LitJoyCrate. 

4. Send us a DIRECT LINK to your post(s) using our website form (link in profile and stories highlight!) 

5. Purchase the Year 7.1 Magical Edition Crate when sales open September 11th! Reminder, you can get 24-hour early access to sales by joining the Magical Edition VIP List at: (Note: The email you submit in the form must be the same one you use when you purchase the Year 7.1 Crate. We will need to connect the dots 😏)

⚡️Limited to one card per customer. 

⚡️#FollowThePatronus ends September 9, 2019 at 11:59pm MT. 

⚡️Patronus Cards will NOT be available for purchase in our shop. We may bring them back as an Add-On for future crates for $8/card. We have not solidified the exact time of when we will release this card for Add-On purchase. 

⚡️The Patronus Card is part of our Deck 2 Trading Card collection. 

📸Images used with permission from the incredible @joelrobison!. 

⚡️Let the magic begin!

Images to Post

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