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What is Subscriber Add-on Week?

Every month from the 4th thru the 10th (8th in December) LitJoy Crate offers you the chance to add even more products to your subscription shipment for no additional shipping fee.

We have a special, exclusive collection of items for subscribers to choose from! These can include:

  • LitJoy trading cards from sold out crates
  • Never before seen exclusive subscriber-only products
  • Special deals on existing products
  • and free shipping on items from our a la carte collection


Do I qualify for subscriber add-ons?

All you have to do is be a LitJoy Crate subscriber and set to receive the current month’s crate or book! You can subscribe to the monthly crate or book-only options and get all the benefits of being a subscriber.

Qualifying subscriptions include:

  • Any YA book or crate subscription 

How does it work?

On the 4th of every month, we send subscribers an email announcing the beginning of Subscriber Add-on Week. Follow the link to check out the available products for subscriber add-ons.

To access the products, you must be logged in with the same email address associated with your subscription so that we can connect your order with your next shipment.

If you want to order from the A La Carte Collection, add the subscriber add-on product that Unlocks Free Shipping for A La Carte Products to your cart and then shop anything from the A La Carte Collection. All purchases will be combined with your next subscription shipment.


Make sure to check out with the same shipping address as your subscription order. If you check out with a different address we will send the products to the same address associated with your subscription order. If you need to change the address of your subscription order please contact our customer service at

If you are NOT subscriber but you want to become one, you can still subscribe and get the subscriber add-ons before the 10th:

Go to and purchase any qualifying subscription. These subscriber add-ons become available AFTER the purchase of a subscription is complete. AND it may take up to one hour for our system to recognize your eligibility for subscriber add-ons. Please don't wait until the last minute! Subscriber add-on sales close promptly at 11:59pm Mountain Time on the 10th. (And our customer service wizard will be asleep, unable to hear any cries for help until morning.)