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Past Crates Gallery

Past Crates Gallery

Most past crates are sold out and will not be restocked. Any past crates we have for sale can be found in our shop.

 Magical Subscription Crates

Magical Subscription Fall 2020: Magical Alley

Magical Subscription Winter 2020: The Burrow

Magical Subscription Spring 2020: The Big 7

Young Adult Crates

Winter YA: Journey To Belong

Romantic Classics

Pride and Prejudice

Wuthering Heights

Whimsy Classics

Anne of Green Gables

The Secret Garden

Special Edition Magical Crates

Magical Crate Year 1

Magical Crate Year 2

Magical Crate Year 3

Magical Crate Year 4

Magical Crate Year 5

Magical Crate Year 6

Magical Crate Year 7.1

Magical Crate Year 7.2

Young Adult Crates 2020

January 2020

Starry Night

February 2020

Once Upon A Retelling

March 2020

Ride or Die

April 2020

Woman Warrior

May 2020

Academy of the Bookish and Bewitching

June 2020

Mythical Gods

July 2020

As You Wish

August 2020

Elemental Magic

September 2020

Favorite Fictional Families

October 2020

Ancient Alchemy

November 2020

Star Crossed Lovers

December 2020

Drama Club

Young Adult Crates 2019

January 2019 

Pirate Thief

February 2019 

Viva la Magic

March 2019 


April 2019 

Born Rebel

May 2019 

Darkness Calls

June 2019 

Restricted Section

July 2019 

Defender of Dragons

August 2019 

Dressed for Deception

September 2019 

Haunted Mansion

October 2019 

Fallen Angel

November 2019 

Forbidden Forest

December 2019 

Lost in Austen

Young Adult Crates 2018

January 2018 


February 2018 

Upon Her Throne

March 2018 

Poor Unfortunate Souls

April 2018 

Darlings and Deception

May 2018 

Dark Kingdom

June 2018 

Gothic Ghostbusters

July 2018 

Warrior of the Stars

August 2018 


September 2018 

Secrets and Shadows

October 2018 

Dark Fairytale

November 2018 

Fortune and Folklore

December 2018 

Fallen Kingdom

Young Adult Crates 2017

January 2017

Star Crossed

February 2017 

Fire and Ice

March 2017 

Galactic Pirates

April 2017 

Demons and Dreams

May 2017

Vengeance Blooms

June 2017 

Deadly Diviners

July 2017 

Slight of Hand

August 2017 

Wonder Woman

September 2017

Galaxy Games

October 2017 

Dragon Slayer

November 2017 

The Chosen One

December 2017 

Forged in Friendship

Young Adult Crates 2016

May 2016

Lady Bandit

June 2016

Prehistoric Fantasy

July 2016 

Magic and Madness

August 2016 

Murder Mystery

September 2016

Falling in Love With

October 2016

Blood Magic

November 2016 

Ruthless Rebelion

December 2016 

By My Blade