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Become a LitJoy Rep or Influencer

What is a Rep?

Crate Reps receive and review MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION CRATES, either the full-crate, book-only or item-only. We hold quarterly rep searches on Instagram so be sure to follow us @LitJoyCrate and apply when the call goes out!

What is an Influencer?

LitJoy’s Influencer program is a program that offers wholesale pricing to approved applicants. We wanted more influencers to have a chance to receive and promote LitJoy crates and products.We wanted to spotlight not just our crates, but our fun shop items as well! 

The LitJoy community is the best part of LitJoy and we love working with you! 

If selected to be a LitJoy Influencer, what is required of me? Each Influencer’s sharing strategy will be unique to them, but influencer requirements generally include a combination (but not all) of any of the following: 

  • Styled Instagram posts Instagram stories (great for unboxings) 
  • Offer your discount code in your profile 
  •  List yourself as a LitJoy influencer/rep with LitJoy’s handle in profile 
  •  Share tweets about LitJoy Blog post features YouTube features

If selected to be a LitJoy Influencer what will I receive? A wholesale discount code for ONLY YOU TO USE on LitJoy items. A unique-to-you discount code that you are free to post and share with your audience. The best part of this program?! YOU get to select the LitJoy items and/or crates to feature! This is a great way to share your favorite LitJoy goodies for a huge discount! 

How do I become an Influencer? Take the survey to apply!

You can request to be a Shop Influencer anytime! We accept 10-20 influencers a month depending on product launches for each month.