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About the book: When royalty from two different realms collide, there will be war, vengeance, romance, and treachery! In this fantasy YA fairytale retelling, nobles with feet and fins are at odds and the hearts of readers will be drawn to the story like it’s the call of a siren!

Our March YA new-release book is similar to:

  • The Winners Kiss by Marie Rutkoski
  • The Beauty of Darkness by Mary Pearson
  • The Novice by Taran Matharu

March Artist Reveal!

We are so enchanted with the artwork that artist Manelle Oliphant of @talesfantastic has created for our March Product Booklet and an included original print! Here is a little sample of her work! You can be sure to expect something under the sea ;).

Remember… Every item in this crate goes with the book!

“Scaled” Sequin Pillow!

Every March YA crate will include a “mermaid scale” sequin pillow! This pillow is addictive! As you run your hand over the scaly sequins it transforms from a champagne cream color to a shimmery gold and back again!

The Heart of the Sea Key Chain!

This fuzzy coral-colored heart pom keychain is easily one of our favorite items we have ever included in our crate. We LOVE the pom trend of attaching a fuzzy keychain to your purse or tote! And this chic fuzzy heart keychain was too perfect a fit for our book to pass up!

Seashell Lights!

If you’re looking for gadgets and gizmos aplenty, you’ll love these light-up seashell lights! They are perfect for lighting up a reading nook or cozy corner!

Our SOLD-OUT February Crates Ship on the 20th!








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