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CAGE - Adopt a Puff Pet



Puff Pet in need of a home!

We’ve got a few Puffs (miniature puffskeins, obviously) that are waiting to be adopted.

  • These little puffs come in FOUR colors: Pink, Purple, Orange, Green
  • Purple Puffs include a purple cage, Pink Puffs come with a Pink Cage, Tie Dye Pink and yellow comes in an Orange cage, and Tie Dye Purple and Blue comes in a Green cage
  • Each Puff is safely packaged in a clever LitJoy-designed box, approved by the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures ;)
  • They also come with an adoption certificate of their own
  • Look how cute they are, just waiting to be yours
  • LitJoy-designed and -exclusive item