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Young Adult Crate - Summer 2021 Crate


Will ship AUGUST 20th-30th

*This is a one time purchase of our Summer Young Adult Crate*

Attention hackers! It's time to take down a particularly creepy AI, to deliver The Child safely to its home planet, and to take down a queen so beautiful, she's painful to look at. This August, join LitJoy's space-bound crew as we pull off the biggest heist this galaxy has ever seen! Whether we travel by Tardis, spaceship, or fighter jet, this sci-fi adventure will be the stuff space legends are made of!

This product is perfect for readers aged 14 and up!

The Full Crate includes:

  • Book Customizations:

    The LitJoy Crate custom edition of our YA Summer book includes:

  • -Sprayed/Stained Edges

    -Signed by the author

    -Tip-in artwork 

    -Original reversible dust jacket 

    -Exclusive endpages

  • This crate is packed full of all our favorite Sci-Fi Fandoms!  Fandoms inspiring this crate include

    - Stalking Jack The Ripper

    - Aurora Rising

    - Lunar Chronicles

    - Mandalorian

    - Guardians of the Galaxy

    - Dr. Who

          - Illuminae


The Book-Only option includes:

  • Book Customizations:

    The LitJoy Crate custom edition of our YA SpringBook includes:

    -Sprayed/Stained Edges

    -Signed by the author 

    -Tip-in artwork 

    -Original reversible dust jacket

    -Exclusive endpages

    Included separately from the book:

  • LitJoy Collector Fandom PHOTO STRIP 

The Items-Only option includes:

  • LitJoy Collector Fandom PHOTO STRIP 
  • 3-5 unique bookish items all based on that month’s bookish theme!!


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