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TAPESTRY - Black Family

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"The tapestry looked immensely old; it was faded and looked as though Doxys had gnawed it in places. Nevertheless, the golden thread with which it was embroidered still glinted brightly enough to show them a sprawling family tree dating back (as far as Harry could tell) to the Middle Ages. Large words at the very top of the tapestry read: The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black 'Toujours pur'."
( Toujours pur is the Black family motto, which translates to, "Always Pure")
- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Even the evilest of family tapestries can be beautiful when illustrated by @theimaginativeillustrator! You simply need this tapestry to adorn your room or library!

  • Tapestry is 150 cm wide X 130 cm tall
  • A LitJoy-exclusive item