BOOK - Galaxy Guardians

🛾GALAXY GUARDIANS🚀 Dust Jacket and Tip-In artist reveal! Original reversible dust jacket by independent artist @ilik_art. Above is a closer look at the actual art featured in our August crate's YA Book! Marija's beautiful artwork will be featured as a full Reversible Dust Jacket and bonus Tip-In art piece in our Summer (August) YA book! Fantastical, dramatic, and gorgeous—this dust jacket, tip-in page and bonus exclusive end pages bring this epic tale to life and make for a truly collectible book!

Sneak Peek - @ilik_art is doing the tip-in art and reversible dust jacket.


Book Blurb:

Travel to worlds beyond our own with our Summer (August) Young Adult title when our protagonist tries to find his father who was presumed dead for years. But when he discovers a deadly, unbearable secret that could destroy the planet his father is from, Earth, and the universe, he sets out on a mission of his own.

Book Customizations:

  • Sprayed Edges
  • Tip-in Art
  • Custom Exclusive End Pages
  • Author Signed
  • Reversible Dust Jacket

The LitJoy Crate custom edition of Ashfall Legacy is signed by the author, Pittacus Lore, and features sprayed edges and custom exclusive end pages. The book comes with a reversible dust jacket and tip-in page, both with artwork by independent digital artist Marija Ilic, @ilik_art. And bonus! The bare book has a case wrap design by @riddleandravens. The tip-in artwork is also included separately from the book with an author letter on the reverse side.

Book Similar To:

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