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This Golden Flame

LitJoy Special Edition This Golden Flame


About the book:

Emily Victoria's #ownvoices debut YA fantasy, This Golden Flame, in which asexual Karis, a servant to the mysterious Scriptorium, accidentally awakens long-dormant automaton Alix, initiating an epic adventure full of magic, rebellion, and finding where you truly belong.

Orphaned and forced to serve her country’s ruling group of scribes, Karis wants nothing more than to find her brother, long ago shipped away. But family bonds don’t matter to the Scriptorium, whose sole focus is unlocking the magic of an ancient automaton army.

In her search for her brother, Karis does the seemingly impossible?she awakens a hidden automaton. Intelligent, with a conscience of his own, Alix has no idea why he was made. Or why his father?their nation’s greatest traitor?once tried to destroy the automatons.

Suddenly, the Scriptorium isn’t just trying to control Karis; it’s hunting her. Together with Alix, Karis must find her brother…and the secret that’s held her country in its power for centuries.


Book Customizations:
  • Sprayed/Stained Edges
  • Signed by author Emily Victoria
  • Tip-in artwork by Kasia Krzysztofowicz
  • Original reversible dust jacket by Kasia Krzysztofowicz
  • Exclusive endpages
  • This product is perfect for readers aged 14 and up!

Included separately from the book: 

  • Exclusive author letter from Emily Victoria to LitJoy readers
  • Author letter is backed with tip-in art print
  • Collectible photo strip, featuring some of our favorite characters hanging out at the New York Shadowhunter Institute! Artwork by independent artist @sarahconradsen