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BOOKMARK - Metal Elilith Tattoo Bookmark


The Elilith Tattoo, found on the bellies of the women of Weep, is a powerful, touching symbol of womanhood and community. Reading Laini's words regarding this right of passage was so moving, it brought us to tears.

The imagery @riddleandravens has created for this silver metal bookmark representing this tattoo is extraordinary!! Complete with a sapphire blue tassel and its own box, this bookmark is one you can use in your book, display on your bookshelves, or keep as part of a collection. No matter where you place it, it reminds you of the bond between us all.

  • Measures a little over 11 cm tall.
  • Features the quote, "Dream up something wild and improbable."
  • Comes with a sapphire blue tassel.
  • Packaged in a special matching blue box for safety.
  • Part of the ©Laini Taylor Collection