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CANDLE - Occamy Eggshells



Gaze upon the substance most valuable and rare: the Occamy Eggshell! For our Apothecary Candle Collection #10 candle we have collected (with the upmost care and safety) the discarded eggshells of the Occamy beast!

Occamies are carnivorous creature native to India and the Far East that resemble a winged snake and can reach up to the massive length of fifteen feet. Though it is said they are not quite as aggressive as they appear, it still takes one brave Magical folk to acquire the shells. Perhaps you heard of Gilderoy Lockhart attempt to use Occamy eggs as an ingredient in his line of shampoo? Or remember Newt gifting a box of Occamy eggshells to his friend Jacob for his start-up bakery? As a key ingredient in Felix Felicis, it's no wonder we just HAD to represent these illustrious eggshells as a candle!

  • This candle measures 3.75 ounces
  • Scent: Citrus and Agave
  • Contained in a beautiful blue glass jar. You'll notice a clever label and purple tassel, inspired by the look of Occamy.
  • Look closer to see collected Occamy scales on the candle top with a touch of eggshell glitter!
  • No Occamy were harmed in the making of this candle.