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CANDLE - Thestrals Breath



Collect candle #3 in the LitJoy 2020 Apothecary Candle Collection!

Shine a (candle)light on the mysterious and misunderstood world of Thestrals! Add this dark and dramatic ingredient, Thestrals’ Breath, to your potions cupboard! It remains a key ingredient in any potion dealing with life and death. Light this LitJoy-exclusive candle and enjoy the unique, rich, and earthy scent that is Thestrals’ Breath.

  • 5 ounces
  • Soy candle
  • Scent: Hints of deep red Merlot, black cherries, spice clove, rich amber, and essence of death.
  • This candle comes in a black jar, a black lid, and features a swirled wax for dramatic.
  • Candle by: @sayanythingstudios