CRATE - Drama Club

About the Crate: What is a good read without some good drama?! This December we are celebrating a drama-filled holiday with matchmaking gone wrong, intergalactic turmoil, and supernatural high school happenings! Can a career demon hunter find true love? Can a mechanic become a princess? Will the murder mystery be solved?

About the Book: Oh, forbidden love. It is a story as old as time and told fresh in our December title! When our protagonist is tasked to do what she does best—lead—she’s determined to stay focused. But love (as love always does) has other plans. In a tale of LGBTQ+ romance, the odds are against love—can they be overcome? This romantic and dramatic tale of love is to perfect fun holiday read!

Book Customizations: The Love Curse of Melody McIntyre by @robin_talley with reversible dust jacket art and tip in art by @rahanabanana

Items in the Crate:

  • Emma Clipboard with Notepad with art by @ladychubbletters
  • Hamilton Woodmark
  • Lunar Chronicles Teacup with art by @nairafeather
  • Just Coffee, Black Like My Soul Coffee Scoop
  • Riverdale Fuzzy Socks
  • Anna and the French Kiss Scrunchies
  • Set of 2 Dune Photo Str