Fantastic Creatures Crate

The long-awaited FANTASTIC CREATURES crate is finally here! When thinking of Newt and his story, there is so much to explore and enjoy, including the many beasts he loves. The LitJoy Magical Fantastic Creatures crate features many of those intriguing critters that induced us to love this world. But don't worry, we promise this box is not only muggle safe but also magically secure, so no creatures will escape while it's on its way to you . . . we hope.

Items that are exclusive to the crate:

  • Occamy teapot designed by @bambikhan
  • Snake Wand from LitJoy's Wand Shoppe designed in-house by LitJoy
  • Fantastic Creatures theme art print by @davideortuillustration

Additional items included in the crate:

  • Magical collectible coin designed by will help you remember to use your disarming charm!
  • Newt suitcase photo strip by @saraconradsen
  • Plush Fantastic Creature who is tempted by shiny things
  • Fantastic Creatures nesting dolls (5 total!) designed by @lrichelieuart
  • Newt scarf socks designed in-house by LitJoy

 This crate does not include a book.