Journey To Belong Crate


Come along and discover the magic of this Journey To Belong Crate!

About the crateWe all want to find a home, a family, a place where we belong! This February join us on a journey through the Londons Red, Gray, and White. Travel by time travel with the help of your adopted brother. Bring your daemon for companionship. Don't forget your medical kit—you may just find love as you search for a killer on the loose! Our winter crate is full of characters who find their home, their people, and their purpose. We can't wait to celebrate these fandoms. Oh! And bring your frying pan!

About the book: Did someone call for magic, rebellion, and adventure? Our February YA title fully captures an epic quest to belong! In this YA fantasy (with a dash of sci-fi) the main character has every intention of finding her lost family member without getting into more trouble, but the trouble finds her when she unleashes the secret of her nation. She may just be looking for a family, but her destiny—and her new friend—force her on a journey of a lifetime.

Book Customizations: This crate included a LitJoy Special Edition of This Golden Flame by Emily Victoria. Our special edition includes Stained Edges, Signed by the author, Tip-in artwork and Reversible Dust Jacket by, and exclusive End Pages!

Items in the Crate:

  • An author's letter/print is included separately from the book
  • A Dust & Shadows candle by candle artisan @novellyyours, inspired by His Dark Materials
  • Frying Pan Spoon Rest inspired by Tangled
  • LitJoy Collectible Teacup and Saucer with artwork by independent artist @nairafeather 
  • Washi Tape inspired by Umbrella Academy
  • New York Shadowhunter Institute Photo Strip featuring artwork by independent artist @sarahconradsencharacters