ENAMEL PIN - Atlantis

Collect LitJoy’s 2020 Enamel Pin Collection, theme Literary Locations!

Pin #9 in the LitJoy Literary Locations pin collection! Featuring Atlantis, from Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

The legends are true. Over 9,000 years ago the ancient Greek island of Atlantis sunk into the Atlantic Ocean. Since, the stories have been expanded, doubted, and have crept into literature. It is our great privilege to travel with you to the mysterious and luscious island of Atlantis, where you can collect pin #9 in our Literary Locations pin collection!

  • A LitJoy-exclusive collection!
  • Collect all 12 Literary Location pins this 2020 and our Package Pin Banner! Also, an Add-On!
  • Artwork for this pin was created by the talented @brioandbrandish.