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Collect candle #4 in the LitJoy 2020 Apothecary Candle Collection!

All potions masters know that there are very few ingredients as valuable and rare as Dragon’s Blood. It’s true that rumors surrounding this ingredient can be quite disagreeable, but we assure you all dragon blood collected by LitJoy was humanly acquired and with dragon consent! One of the mystical properties of dragon blood is its unique scent. Sniff in the powerful scents of cinnaberries, vanilla, and of course, fire!

• This stunning candle is quite large, measuring 8 ounces
• Scent: Cinnaberries, Fire & Vanilla
• The dragons blood is presented in a green apothecary jar with a cork lid and a “dragon blood” vial.
• Our candle creator is the talented @sayanythingstudios.
*Due to the LARGE size of this candle it will most likely ship SEPARATE from your crate.*