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ENAMEL PIN POLAROID - Grimm's Fairy Tales Literary Location


Pin #3 in the LitJoy 2021 Polaroid Pin Collection, by Brio & Brandish! 🍭Hansel and Gretel🍬 is a favorite children's fairy tale, but let's all admit it—the best part is the house made of CANDY!!! It's a dangerous place, yes, but oh so tempting! Enjoy this cute polaroid pin depicting Hansel and Gretel's last known whereabouts. 😉

  • Design by @brioandbrandish.
  • The pin is 3.2-cm tall with 2 butterfly clutches.
  • Collect all 12 LitJoy 2021 Polaroid Pins as Add-Ons!
  • Comes we a 2021 Passport Booklet Sticker