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ENAMEL PIN POLAROID - Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes


Celebrate with Fred and George on the opening day of their joke shop! We imagine that Arthur must have pulled out a polaroid camera from his stash of muggle artifacts in order to capture the big day! Luckily, this enamel pin will allow you to have the memory preserved forever.

  • Designed by the talented @brioandbrandish
  • Made of hard enamel
  • 32 mm in size
  • 2 black rubber clasps


This pin is Pin #1 in the LitJoy 2021 Brio & Brandish Pin Collection! Collect a new Polaroid Pin every month during Add-On week (4th - 10th)! 

 Comes we a 2021 Passport Booklet Sticker.