Gods and Vikings Crate

*This is a one-time purchase of our Fall 2022 Young Adult Crate*

About the Crate: Prepare yourself for an epic adventure across the Nordic sea and into a land full of mystery, music, and magic. The Gods and Vikings Crate will explore worlds unknown with seafaring warriors, axe-wielding gods, bibliophiles, luck dragons, and sorcerers. This fall, hoist your sails and embark on a perilous quest, confronting legendary creatures and unsuspecting enemies across the ocean. With sweeping adventure, breathtaking twists of fate, and immersive worlds, this crate will be the voyage of a lifetime!

This product is perfect for readers aged 14 and up!


About the Book: 

Ever since Ragnarok—the great war between the gods and the forces of chaos–the human realm of the Midlands has become a dangerous place, bereft of magic, where most lead lives of desperation. Despite that, Eiric's family has been prosperous, but he stands to lose everything when he’s convicted by a rigged jury of murdering his modir and stepfadir. He can gain freedom by leading a mission to the fabled Temple at the Grove—the rich stronghold of the wyrdspinners, the last practitioners of sorcery.

Spellsinger, musician, and runecaster Reggin Eiklund has spent her life performing at alehouses to benefit Asger, the fire demon she is desperate to escape. Then after one performance that amazes even Reggin herself, two wyrdspinners ask her to return with them to the temple to be trained in seidr, forever free of Asger.

Eiric and Reggin’s journeys converge in New Jotunheim, the site of the Temple at the Grove, a paradise fueled by magic. They soon realize that a great evil lurks beneath the dazzling surface, and that old betrayals and long-held grudges may fuel another cataclysmic war. It will require every gift and weapon at their command to prevent it.

Book Customizations:

The LitJoy Special Edition of Children of Ragnarok (Runestone Saga #1) includes:

  • Stained edges!!
  • Signed by the author, Cinda Williams Chima 
  • Tip-in artwork by @gabriella.bujdoso
  • Original reversible dust jacket by @gabriella.bujdoso
  • Case wrap design
  • Exclusive end pages
  • Exclusive author letter from Cinda Williams Chima

Items in the Crate:

  • The Story Notebook
  • Camp Demigod Beanie
  • Hercules Puzzle
  • Persephone Lenticular Bookmark
  • Goddess of the Moon Keychain
  • It's Thor Time Sticker
  • Valkyrie Adventure Card

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