Herbology Class Crate


Ships Mid-June

 This is a purchase of our one-time Magical Crate with the Herbology Class theme.

Welcome to the LitJoy Greenhouse, where we will be learning all about the properties of magical plants and fungi. This crate will be filled with items related to turning plants into potions. Bring your textbooks, wands, dragon hide gloves, and imagination. Whether you have a green thumb or not, everyone will grow green with envy when they see you with this magical crate!

Item Hints:

  • Carefully harvest and collect your magical plants in one magical display.
  • Crush, grind, pound and press— Herbology and Potions class come together
  • This piece of protective Herbology equipment is essential in the greenhouse!
  • Take note! This reference aid can become a personal study guide for magical students
  • Cozy up with your favorite herbal tea, in this mug inspired by Greenhouse Three!
  • Swish and flick! This chestnut wood branch inspired wand is made for those who are gifted in Herbology!