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Magical Edition Crate: Year 6

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SOLD OUT - Year 6 Magical Edition Crate 

Students lurking about the halls after curfew will be subject to an interrogation by the Head of Slytherin House. They might also miss out on a chance to discover the greatest Magical Edition Crate yet! We suggest you don’t be lazy like Ron and read every detail about this crate!
  • The LitJoy Year 6 Magical Edition Crate is NOT a subscription crate, but a special edition crate that must be purchased independently.
  • This crate is 100% inspired by characters, iconic moments, and items found in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
  • We must not reveal all our secrets, but we can tell you this crate has between 14-18 ITEMS and all of them are LitJoy-exclusive. 
  • Magical Crates do not include a Harry Potter book.
Crates cost $75.00 + shipping. 

Year 6 Magical Edition Crates and past Magical Edition Crates will NOT be restocked.


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