One Crate to Rule Them All

Crates will ship in late September.

A NEW CRATE has awoken. It has heard its master’s call.

Come with us on an adventure with our favorite elves, wizards, halflings, and dwarves as we celebrate a trilogy that transcends time, language, and almost any other imaginable barrier. This crate will include 10+ items to celebrate as many of our favorite iconic characters, locations, items, and moments as we could fit into one crate.

Here are just a few of the items that will be in this fully packed crate!

Book Tin and Enamel Pin Set

Become part of the Fellowship with this book tin and enamel pin set! The amazing artwork by @ivan_cavini on the decorative book box features the 9 companions that set out to destroy the ring. And inside you'll find 6 locations that had to be made into enamel pins 🌋⛰️🏇🏿🏰🛖🌲 designed by @defeatedbutglorious. Add them to your pin collection!

Sting Letter Opener

. . . and I shall call you . . . a sword letter opener! 🗡️✉️ Made by weapon smiths in a hidden elvish city, this new short sword will come in handy against your enemies, particularly of the spider variety. When your sword isn't being used, it will be a gorgeous addition to your collectibles! Designed by, this letter opener measures 7.5 inches (19 cm) long.

Beacons Are Lit Light Up Pen

Hope is rekindled with this Beacons Are Lit Light Up Pen! Not only is the epic quote on the side, but the pen light shows the White Tree, the symbol for the south kingdom. Imagine the feeling of hope you'll spread every time your pen beacon is lit! The pen writes in black ink and was designed by

Halfling Travel Cloak

You can't go on an adventure without your very own halfling traveling cloak. This magic cloak will protect you from your enemies while you’re on your journey. The embroidered leaf brooch looks just like the ones worn by the 9 members of the Fellowship! The cloak is a CRATE-EXCLUSIVE item—make sure to order your crate before they're all gone!