One More Page Patch


Celebrate reading with this fun embroidered iron-on One More Page Patch! Who hasn't said, "Just one more page!" when reading a favorite book? Now you don't have to say it, you can just wear it and keep right on reading!

  • Designed by Kirsten Hyde of Crooked Cotton Design
  • Measures almost 3 inches tall
  • Features the quote, "JUST ONE MORE PAGE"

Iron-On Instructions:
Garments should be clean and freshly laundered (new items should be washed).
Set your iron to cotton or 400 degrees.
Preheat the area where you are going to place the patch.
Place the patch onto the garment, embroidery up.
Place a cloth or towel on top of the patch.
Press firmly with the iron onto the towel, using a circular motion for 30 seconds.
Do not use vinyl, nylon, leather, or other meltable fabrics.