Steampunk and Petticoats Crate

Grab your steampunk goggles and travel with us to a time and place where retro futuristic technology and Victorian fashion are all the rage. With the Steampunk and Petticoats Crate and a dash of magic, inventions will come to life, fairies will visit, and wardrobes will transport you to new worlds. This summer, reimagine what you know about science fiction and fantasy because this electrifying voyage will be one for the history books!

This product is perfect for readers aged 14 and up!

The Full Crate includes:

  • LitJoy Special Edition New Release Book with customizations:
    • Signed by the author
    • Tip-in artwork by @arz28
    • Original reversible dust jacket art by @arz28
    • LitJoy-Exclusive end pages!
    • Case wrap design on the naked book
    • Author's letter printed in the book
  • 3-5 Unique Bookish Items all based on that month's theme