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Young Adult Book Subscription 1 Year Prepay


This Young Adult Book 1 Year Prepay is perfect for readers ages 14 and up!

The book you receive will be

  • a new release YA book
  • a LitJoy Exclusive edition
  • LitJoy Exclusive Trading Cards 

Book themes are announced monthly!

Subscribe now and you will receive:

February's YA Crate: Viva La Magic
This crate ships February 20th-25th

March's YA Crate: Superman
This crate ships March 20th-25th

April's YA Crate: Theme Coming
This crate ships April 20th-25th

May's YA Crate: Theme Coming
This crate ships May 20th-25th

June's YA Crate: Theme Coming
This crate ships June 20th-25th

July's YA Crate: Theme Coming
This crate ships July 20th-25th

August’s YA Book – Theme coming
This book ships August 20th-25th

September’s YA Book – Theme coming
This book ships September 20th-25th

October's YA Book – Theme coming
This book ships October 20th-25th

November’s YA Book – Theme Coming
This book ships November 20th-25th

December's YA Book – Theme Coming
This book ships December 10th

January’s YA Book – Theme Coming
This book ships January 20th-25th


Subscription books ship on the 20th-25th of every month.
*December books ship on the 10th.

This is a monthly renewing subscription product.

This subscription renews automatically on the first day of the month. You can skip or cancel renewals anytime by logging into your account.

Gift Cards

Unfortunately, gift cards cannot be used to purchase recurring products at this time. Gift cards can be used on the 1-Month Gifts (Book-only or Crate option) and any past book, past crate or one-time product