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Past Crates

YA Book Past Crates

April 2017: Vengeance Blooms

YA Past Book Crate - Vengeance Blooms

Photo Credit: @fyctionread

April 2017: Demons & Dreams

YA Past Book Crate - Demons & Dreams

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor
  • Featured artist: @lesyablackbird
  • Exclusive Dreamcatcher by LitJoy Crate
  • Weep candle and Bookmark coupon by Wick & Fable
  • Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales by Naomi Lewis
  • Karou Painting in Light print and original artwork by @lesyablackbird

Photo Credit: @spintale

March 2017: Galactic Pirates

YA Past Book Crate - Galactic Pirates

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Shadow Run by Adrianne Strickland
  • Featured artist: @dasstark
  • Star Wars-inspired tumbler: “Come to the Dark Side. We have books.” Designed by @bookotter
  • “Shadow” cotton candy by Pink Beehive Cotton Candy
  • Firefly-inspired wooden bookmark by Little Sapling Toys
  • Three Star Trek pins by LitJoy Crate
  • Bad Astronauts socks by Woven Pear
  • Newt Scamander print and original artwork by @dasstark

Photo Credit: @theliteraryllama

February 2017: Fire & Ice

YA Past Book Crate - Fire & Ice

Photo Credit: @chapter_break

January 2017: Star Crossed

YA Past Book Crate - Star Crossed

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth, published by Harper Collins
  • Featured artist: Jenny Hawkyard of Jezhawk Designs
  • Galaxy bracelet for your galactic travels
  • Blooming “Hushflower” buds tea
  • Fingerless gloves to keep your hands warm while reading
  • Vanilla lip scrub from Elle Pea Tee

Photo Credit: @acciobooksncoffee

December 2016: By My Blade

YA Past Book Crate - By My Blade

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Scythe by Neal Schustermann with LitJoy exclusive author letter
  • Chocolate Fudge Brownie mug cake by Muggins
  • Odyssey Quote bookmark by Rock Paper Books
  • “Readers Gonna Read” zipper pouch custom designed by LitJoy with Cents of Style
  • 2017 mini “Today is Going to be a Great Day” calendar, by Workman Press
  • Marble “Scythe” Ring by Unforgettable Jules

Photo Credit: @BookStoreFinds

November 2016: Ruthless Rebellion

YA Past Book Crate - Ruthless Rebellion

    Crate Includes

  • Book: The Diabolic, by S.J. Kincade with signed book plate and LitJoy exclusive author letter, published by Simon and Schuster
  • Butterfly Flutter Notes, by Girl of All Work
  • Metal Butterfly Hair Clip
  • Storiarts Coupon
  • “I Need My Space” exclusive Galaxy Candle by The Leaky Candle
  • Shine Bright constellation socks by Woven Pear

Photo Credit: @watermelanies

October 2016: Blood Magic

YA Past Book Crate - Blood Magic

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Iron Cast, by Destiny Soria with signed book plate and LitJoy exclusive author letter, published by Abrams
  • First Edition custom-blend Boston Tea and music note tea diffuser
  • Mini Edition Edgar Allen Poe: The Selected Works book of poetry, by Running Press + a bookmark
  • Out Of Print coupon
  • "Blood" magic lollipop from Vintage Confections
  • Violin pendant necklace, symbolic of the hemopath magic

Photo Credit: @theliteraryllama

September 2016: Falling in Love With...

YA Past Book Crate - Falling in Love with...

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Kids of Appetite, by David Arnold with signed book plate and LitJoy exclusive author letter, published by Viking Penguin Random House
  • A custom Kids of Appetite matte coaster designed by Evie Seo
  • “I AM A SUPER RACEHORSE” pencil designed by The Carbon Crusader
  • Silicone customs designed KOA bracelets, so that you can be a Kid of Appetite too!
  • Zipper ear buds to listen to music and feel and the feels
  • A blue beanie, just like Vic’s

Photo Credit: @wifeeclectic

August 2016: Murder Mystery

YA Past Book Crate - Murder Mystery

    Crate Includes

  • Book: The Gilded Cage by Lucinda Gray, published by Macmillan
  • Rifle Paper Company pocket notebook
  • The Werewolves of Millers Hollow Game, to solve your own murder mystery
  • Pique Tea crystal blend samples
  • A Chatbooks gift card to record your photo memories
  • Bird print with artwork by Canary Jane

Photo Credit: @woolandspirits

July 2016: Magic & Madness

YA Past Book Crate - Magic and Madness

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Riverkeep by Martin Stewart with signed book plate and LitJoy exclusive author letter, published by Viking Books
  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz custom modern design by Rock Paper Books
  • Moby Dick inspired temporary tattoo by Litographs
  • Riverkeep-inspired matte tote button by Evie Seo
  • Fishhook leather bracelet

Photo Credit: @ryleyreads

June 2016: Prehistoric Fantasy

YA Past Book Crate - Prehistoric Fantasy

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Ivory and Bone, by Julie Eshbaugh with signed book plate and LitJoy exclusive author letter, published by HarperTeen
  • A Pride and Prejudice book locket keychain by Crafting Call
  • Bee Local honey sticks
  • A Campfire Candle from The Tiny Collection
  • A White Jade Ring from Shop Unforgettable Jules

Photo Credit: @buttermybooks

May 2016: Lady Bandit

YA Past Book Crate - Lady Bandit

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Rebel of the Sands, by Alwyn Hamilton with signed book plate and LitJoy exclusive author letter, published by Viking Penguin Random House
  • Exclusive Arabian notepad by Chick Lit Designs
  • Sand-colored lippy
  • Sheer scarf to conceal a bandit’s identity ;)
  • A compass pocket watch to point you in the right direction

Photo Credit: @dropandgivemenerdy

Middle Grade Past Crates

March 2017: Magical Creatures

Middle Grade - Magical Creatures

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Dragonwatch: A Fablehaven Adventure by Brandon Mull
  • Book: The Menagerie by Tui T. Sutherland and Kari H. Sutherland
  • Mystery Mini How to Train Your Dragon Funko Pop
  • Interactive reading Activity Book by Robin King and LitJoy Crate
  • Milk Magic Straws “Drink the Milk”
  • Gold Dragon bracelet by LitJoy
  • Dragonwatch poster and bookmark from Shadow Mountain Publishing
  • Bag of gold chocolate coins

Photo Credit: @foldedpagesdistillery

Picture Book Past Crates

May 2017: Goal!

Pic Past Book Crate - Goal!

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Hey, Coach by Linda Ashman, illustrated by Kim Smith
  • Snacks for energy!
  • Sports kit with a ball, whistle and winner’s medal
  • Boo-boo bandage kit
  • Soccer sports socks
  • Parent gift: Allergy blend essential oil from Literary Apothecary

Photo Credit: @bookbloom

April 2017: Make "Space" for Kindness

Pic Past Book Crate - Make 'Space' for Kindness

Photo Credit: @bookbloom

March 2017: Little Scientist

Pic Past Book Crate - Little Scientist

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Charlotte the Scientist is Squished by Camille Andros
  • Little Scientist kits with magnifying glass, safety glasses, a lab notebook, carrot pen, test tube, and grow animal tablets from LitJoy
  • Snot Science Kits from Be Amazing Toys Sick Science
  • Parent Gift: Lemon Cream Chapstick from Literary Apothecary

Photo Credit: @corissalangheinrich

February 2017: Bon Appetit

Pic Past Book Crate - Bon Appetit

    Crate Includes

  • Book: The Piranha Who Went to Dinner by Tadgh Bentley
  • All natural Play Food Pita Pocket from HAPE
  • Opposite of Far Coupon
  • Pizza Sticker activity for creating a pizza of their own
  • Shark Tote to carry all their books!
  • Felt toy mask to play disguise
  • Swedish Fish Snack
  • Grown-up gift: Gold double heart crystal bracelet

Photo Credit:

January 2017: Puppy Love

Pic Past Book Crate - Puppy Love

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Pig the Pug by Aaron Blabey, published by Scholastic
  • Pug-themed valentines designed by Chile y Limon
  • Silicone “doggy” treat bowl and lid by Oogaa
  • Chex mix “puppy chow” treats
  • Mini heart sucker and valentine stamp valentines kit
  • Pug-themed stickers by Lee Street Planners
  • Pug pack pillow by Nerfect Art Novelties
  • Grown-up gift: Mrs. Calls chocolate-covered pretzels

Photo Credit:

December 2016: Let It Snow

Pic Past Book Crate - Let It Snow

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Bunny Slopes by Claudia Rueda, published by Chronicle Books
  • Felt snowflake ornament kit DIY
  • Interactive Grow Snow tube
  • Do You Want to Build a Snowman kit
  • Snuggly Bunny Socks
  • Grown-up gift: Moonstruck Hot Chocolate, yum!

Photo Credit: @amymariecarp

November 2016: Once Upon A Book

Picture Book Past Crate - Once Upon a Book

    Crate Includes

  • Book: A Child of Books by Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston, published by Candlewick Press, plus a fun book button and poster
  • Children’s classic literature Matching Game by Sweet Sequels
  • Scratch Art Doodle Pad Book, from Melissa & Doug
  • Foam boat craft kit for sailing through the pages of a book
  • Grown-up gift: Exclusive Classic Literature book spine bookmark by Sweet Sequels

Photo Credit: @litjoycrate

October 2016: Yum!

Picture Book Past Crate - Yum!

    Crate Includes

  • Everyone Loves Cupcake by Kelly DiPucchio and Eric Wight, published by Macmillan
  • Kabobs for Kids Cookbook by Janna DeVore, published by Gibbs Smith Books, the perfect cookbook for brand new chefs
  • Exclusive Queenie’s Cards Donut Bookmark
  • Kid Apron, so they can be your little helper chef
  • Dylbug coupon, great for interactive eating fun
  • Baby Boy Bakery “We Cook” coupon and mini wooden spoon
  • Grown-up gift: Pink Beehive Cotton Candy in signature Pink Vanilla & Honey

Photo Credit: @picturethisbook

September 2016: Halloween

Picture Book Past Crate - Halloween

    Crate Includes

  • Go to Sleep Monster! by Kevin Cornell, published by Harper Collins Publishers
  • Midnight Rabbit postcard and coupon for art prints
  • “Dream Come Chews” Strawberry Lemon QUIN Candy chews
  • Interactive Halloween kit with paper wall bats, a pumpkin decorating kit, and dress-up mustaches.
  • Grown-up gift: delicious gourmet caramel candies from QUIN Candy

Photo Credit: @dropandgivemenerdy

August 2016: Pets

Picture Book Past Crate - Pets

Photo Credit: @dropandgivemenerdy

July 2016: Imagine!

Picture Book Past Crate - Imagine!

    Crate Includes

  • Book: What to do with a Box by Jane Yolen and Chris Sheban, published by Chronicle Books
  • The Cardboard Book Box, a craft book by Sarah Powell and Roger Priddy, illustrated by Barbi Sido
  • Craft supply kit with crayon pens, foam stickers, a binocular kit, and button controls
  • A Cottage Door Press coupon to build your little library
  • Grown-up gift: Muggins mug cake by Shirley J

Photo Credit: @subscriptionworld

June 2016: Little Fish, Big Courage

Picture Book Past Crate

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Poor Little Guy by Elanna Allen, published by Penguin
  • Sea creature matching game by Little Sapling Toys
  • Magnetic sea animal fishing game
  • Nerdy glasses
  • Fishy chew snacks
  • Grown-up gifts: Mom’s Stuff Salve

Photo Credit: @jenwhitebooks

May 2016: Music

Picture Book Past Crate

    Crate Includes

  • Book: The Bear and the Piano by David Litchfield, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Felt Bear Mask by Opposite of Far
  • A blow-up guitar and mini maracas to make music
  • Tattoo bear paws
  • A reading tip for little readers
  • Grown-up gift: A music note necklace from Unforgettable Jules

Board Book Past Crates

January 2017: Hugs and Kisses

Board Book Past Crate - Hugs and Kisses

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Hugs and Kisses by Judi Abbot, published by Simon & Schuster
  • Book: I Love Your Day & Night by Smriti Prasadam-Halls, illustrated by Alison Brown, published by Bloomsbury
  • Hands-on felt heart puzzle by Schoolhouse Boutique
  • Valentines Kit: Valentine owl picture frame craft kit, valentine stamps, heart sticker sheet, and mini heart sucker.
  • Wooden heart teether by Little Sapling Toys
  • Grown-up gift: Mrs. Calls chocolate-covered pretzels

Photo Credit: @litjoycrate

December 2016: Let it Snow

Board Book Past Crate - Let it Snow

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Snow Friends by B.M. Christina Butler and Tina Macnaughton, published by Sky Pony Press
  • Book: Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups by Tadgh Bentley, published by Harper Collins
  • Bonus Book: Baby Reindeer: Finger Puppet Book illustrated by Yu-Hsuan, published by Chronicle Books
  • Winter-themed BoBeads teething bracelets
  • Plushy penguin for snuggling
  • Grown-up gift: gourmet Moonstruck Hot Chocolate

Photo Credit: @litjoycrate

November 2016: March to the Beat

Board Book Past Crate - March to the Beat

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Music Is… by Brandon Stosuy, illustrated by Amy Martin, published by Little Simon
  • Book: I Love Music by Marion Billet, published by Scholastic
  • Skip Hop egg shaker music maker
  • Copper Robin socks
  • Storiarts coupon
  • Guitar bib
  • Echo microphone
  • Grown-up gift: Exclusive children’s classic book spine bookmark by Sweet Sequels

Photo Credit: @salty_sojourner

October 2016: Seasons

Board Book Past Crate - Seasons

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Will You Be My Sunshine by Julia Lobo, published by Cottage Door Press
  • Book: Fairy Friends by Merrilee Liddiard, published by Gibbs Smith Books
  • Dylbug coupon
  • Winter bear baby beanie
  • Exclusive “April Showers” wood teether from Little Sapling Toys
  • LitJoy exclusive fall sensory crinkle toy
  • Grown-up gift: Pink Beehive Cotton Candy summer cloud blue raspberry and honey cotton candy

Photo Credit: @thesmithproject

September 2016: Halloween

Board Book Past Crate - Halloween

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Little Blue Truck’s Halloween by Alice Schertle, illustrated by Jill McElmurry, published by HMH Books for Young Readers
  • Book: Eek! Halloween! By Sandra Boynton, published by Workman Publishing Company
  • Sound tubes and bendable monster toys for spooky play
  • Midnight Rabbit postcard
  • Nuby monster snack cup
  • Grown-up gift: QUIN candy caramels

Photo Credit: @rose_16h

August 2016: Night Night!

Board Book Past Crate - Night Night!

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Sleepyheads by Sandra J Howatt, illustrated by Joyce Wan, published by Simon and Schuster
  • Book: Follow Me: Bedtime by Frankie Jones and Fhiona Galloway, published by Little Bee Books
  • Skip-Hop critter bath time wash mitt
  • Nuby Grip’N’Sip super sprout cup
  • Happy Baby organic clearly crafter food pouch
  • Grown-up gift: Pique Tea crystal tea sample
  • Grown-up gift: Chatbooks $20 gift card

Photo Credit: @wifeeclectic

July 2016: On the Go!

Board Book Past Crate - On the Go!

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Things That Go lift-a-flap book illustrated by Martina Hogan, published by Cottage Door Press
  • Book: Blue Boat by Kersten Hamilton and Valeria Petrone, published by Viking Books
  • Boat bath toy from Kid O
  • Pull-back vehicle from Melissa & Doug
  • Train silicone spoon from Oogaa
  • Grown-up gift: Muggins cake-in-a-mug by ShirleyJ

Photo Credit: @wifeeclectic

June 2016: Color

Board Book Past Crate - Color

    Crate Includes

  • Book: Dot Town: Where Are You Blue? By Sonali Fry, illustrated by Holly Clifton-Brown, published by Little Simon
  • Book: Black Cat & White Cat by Claire Garralon, published by Sourcebooks
  • Black and white plushie kitty for squishing during reading time
  • Colorful felt balls from Hello Maypole
  • Grown-up gift: Mom’s Stuff Salve for lip balm and soothing dry skin

Photo Credit: @foldedpagesdistillery

May 2016: ABC

Board Book Past Crate - ABC

    Crate Includes

  • Book: M is for Monocle by Greg Paprocki, published by Gibbs Smith
  • Book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar ABC by Eric Carle, published by Penguin Books
  • ABC blocks by Little Sapling Toys
  • Hot air balloon by Canary Jane
  • Grown-up gift: marble earrings from Shop Unforgettable Jules

Photo Credit: @worthyreading

Limited Edition Past Crates

Magical Edition Crate: Year One

Magical Edition Book Crate Year One

    Crate Includes

  • Product card custom artwork by @santamatita
  • Hogwarts House Crest tapestry book ornament by Sweet Sequels
  • Exclusive Pumpkin Juice Adorable Candle by Dio Candle
  • Butterbeer-Flavor lip balm by Nerdie Nifties
  • Exclusive “Book of Magical History” Notebook by Literary Emporium
  • Exclusive Hogwarts Year One spell books print, designed by
  • Ron’s lucky Knight chess piece by LitJoy Crate
  • Mystery mini Harry Potter Funko
  • Harry Potter trio bookmark mini magnet by Gadgets Print Shop
  • Golden snitch and sticker book mini kit or Hedwig and sticker book mini kit by Running Press
  • Hogwarts express golden foil ticket
  • Hogwarts acceptance letter from Professor Mcgonagall and supply list for First Years by Pieces by Polly
  • Exclusive Sorcerer’s Stone bath bomb (with keepsake inside!) by Luxurious Body Shop
  • Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans by Jelly Belly Candy Co.
  • Scratch & Sort House quiz by LitJoy Crate
  • Cloak of Invisibility from Dumbledore
  • A one-of-a-kind wand by Wands & Wood
  • Custom “Happee Birthdae Harry” sugar cookie by The Bakeaholic

Photo Credit: @fringereading