Literacy Lights the Way: LitJoy Supports Adult Literacy Programs in Mali

Literacy Lights the Way: LitJoy Supports Adult Literacy Programs in Mali

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LitJoy is thrilled to announce its collaboration with the Ouelessebougou Alliance, a non-profit organization committed to uplifting rural and impoverished regions of Mali, Africa. LitJoy is extending its philanthropic reach to address the crucial need for adult literacy programs in rural Ouelessebougou.

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What is Ouelessebougou Alliance?

Founded in 1986, the Ouelessebougou Alliance, pronounced "Wuh-less-say-boo-goo," is the first Utah nonprofit to establish operations in Mali, West Africa. It holds the distinction of being the longest-operating international NGO in the Ouelessebougou region. The Alliance focuses on improving the lives of villagers through collaborative efforts to identify critical needs and establish sustainable health and education programs, with an emphasis on breaking the cycle of poverty through education and health initiatives.

Challenges in Adult Literacy Programs

students in Mali's adult literacy programs supported by the Ouelessebougou Alliance

While the Ouelessebougou Alliance successfully offers children’s school and family healthcare programs, it faces challenges in garnering support for adult literacy initiatives. Over half of Mali’s young adults aged 15 – 24 are not literate, and despite improvements since the inception of education programs in 1993, many villagers don't continue their education past the 5th grade due to factors such as household poverty, child marriage or labor, and limited access to formal education.

LitJoy's Mission to Help
Women and babies in Ouelessebougou Alliances literacy programs

The Alliance conducts annual literacy courses for more than 400 individuals aged 12 and older, primarily focusing on young mothers and women, empowering them with essential skills. In support of these efforts, LitJoy is committed to making a meaningful impact. The adult literacy program pays for the teachers to keep 15 schools open and running throughout the academic year. Currently, the program is active in 12 villages and hoping to extend to 15 villages with LitJoy’s support.
Adult Literacy Programs Teacher Spotlight: Oumou Samake

How You Can Contribute

In 2024, LitJoy invites its customers to contribute to Ouelessebougou’s goal of extending their adult literacy program in Mali. LitJoy will match customer donations dollar-for-dollar, with every contribution directly contributing to the sustainability and expansion of literacy courses. This initiative aims to empower individuals in Ouelessebougou, helping them overcome barriers and build a brighter future.

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Learn more about LitJoy's charitable efforts and how you can contribute to this initiative by visiting LitJoy's Charitable Efforts . Join LitJoy in making a difference in adult literacy programs in Mali, Africa.

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